MEF launches SDN/NFV certification

18 July 2018

Following a successful beta-exam review period, MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) has now released its SDN/NFV professional certification. The industry association claims this provides the first industry-wide certification that validates a professional’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in the two technologies.

With the help of SDN and NFV subject matter experts around the world, MEF says it built the certification exam to exacting ISO 17024 quality specifications for accuracy and reliability. 

It says the exam is built around the key themes of ‘Design’, ‘Deploy’ and ‘Manage’, and details and references are contained in a newly released examination blueprint.

Professionals seeking to validate their competencies must be able to demonstrate their abilities in various design, installation and security scenarios involving SDN, NFV, and instances when virtualised objects such as VNFs are deployed into SDN architectures.

MEF has announced that five of its accredited training providers are already prepared to deliver training in preparation for taking the exam and will be offering classes in the weeks ahead. They include Carrier Ethernet Academy, Criterion Networks, Perpetual Solutions, SDN Essentials, and Tech2000.

The forum adds that it will host an SDN and NFV webinar on 10 July. MEF VP Dan Pitt and Metanoia analyst Vishal Sharma promise a wide-ranging discussion about the future trends for SDN and NFV, including the challenge of upskilling the existing workforce to be more proficient in these technologies.