HSCN update

Net health benefits

18 April 2019


Transition to the Health and Social Care Network has been a challenge for NHS network managers and their service provider partners. Now it’s time to see how HSCN can enable cost-saving digital transformation in public healthcare, writes JAMES HAYES

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Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Corridors of power

07 February 2019


Next Generation Data claims it was Europe’s first data centre to source all its power from renewables.

The IoT, 5G, ‘Industry 4.0’… As demand for data continues to skyrocket, RAHIEL NASIR wonders whether the energy efficiency challenges for data centre operators are set to worsen, especially as we move into the hyperscale era.


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Will Brexit lead to Techxit?

03 January 2019

What impact is Brexit having on the UK’s IT skills market? RAHIEL NASIR asks if the country’s talent shortages are set to become worse. Plus, the skills network managers and their teams will need in order to support UK Plc’s ongoing digital transformation.

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