Firms globalising IT to access tech talent outside UK

31 October 2017

The cost of professionals with expertise in digital transformation is higher than for other IT initiatives, according to Interoute. In a recent survey of 120 UK IT leaders, the global cloud and network provider found that nearly half regard the skills shortage as the problem.

As organisations pursue digital transformation projects to remain competitive and adapt to change, there is a need to connect with a wider talent pool, says Interoute. In its Transforming for Success in a Changing World report, the firm found that 87 per cent of organisations rely on contractors that can support projects on an interim basis. It revealed that on average, 42 per cent of employees working on digital transformation projects don’t have a UK passport.

The company warns: “As flexible and multi-cultural IT teams become the enabler of digital transformation, the skills gap could be inflated if the capacity to hire digital talent is restricted by post-Brexit policies or changes governing how contractors are employed.”

More than three quarters of respondents indicated that any restrictions on hiring contractors would impact timescales for their digital transformation projects, while 28 per cent stated an inability to hire contractors would halt digital transformation plans completely.

Interoute believes that one of the solutions here is to enable workers to collaborate more through using network infrastructure that can bring together dispersed and mobile working groups. It adds that 38 per cent of the organisations in its survey are looking to globalise their infrastructure so they can use skills from outside their geographic location as part of digital transformation plans.

Mark Lewis, EVP Products and Development at Interoute, says: “The key here is to enable your organisation to shift from worrying about piecing together network and clouds to instead choosing and developing your best software. Do this by leveraging pre-integrated global infrastructure, so your most valuable skills can be put towards making a difference for your business.”