Ex-defence secretary takes aim at government

01 July 2019

Former defence secretary Gavin Williamson has called for a “proper, full and impartial” inquiry into the Huawei scandal that led to his dismissal.

Williamson was sacked following an inquiry into a leak from a top-level National Security Council meeting, which he described as a “shabby and discredited witch hunt” aimed at removing him from his post.

The prime minister, Theresa May, said there was “compelling evidence” he was behind the leak.

Not only does he deny the allegations, but Williamson wants both the prime minister and police to be brought to task.

“With the Metropolitan Police not willing to do a criminal investigation it is clear a proper, full and impartial investigation needs to be conducted on this shabby and discredited witch hunt that has been so badly mishandled by both the prime minister and Mark Sedwill,” Williamson said in a statement.