Insurer uses AI for MoJ claims

31 January 2019

Allianz's Munich headqaurters 

Allianz's Munich headqaurters 

Staff at Allianz Insurance can now action UK Ministry of Justice Stage 3 claims using a new digital platform launched in partnership with law firm Keoghs.

Defendant Hub, described as the “first truly” automated end-to-end digital system for Stage 3 claims, puts an end to case handlers checking and responding to a court proceedings pack, while having to manually download documents which are then forwarded to legal personnel. Under the old system, the results were then shared with handlers who would manually update the system once the Stage 3 hearing had taken place.

The new platform means UK handlers at the Germany-based firm will now be able to perform these laborious steps automatically and collect outcome data for low-value motor and casualty bodily injury claims at the push of a button. As soon as a Stage 3 hearing is completed, details of the award given are captured by counsel and instantly placed on Allianz’s system. The platform uses and builds on the technology developed by Keoghs for Lauri, AI lawyer for the insurance market.

“We launched Lauri to enable claims handlers to achieve better outcomes without unnecessary paperwork and delays,” said Keoghs innovation director Dene Rowe. “Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are often portrayed as the future for insurers, but Allianz and Keoghs are already delivering an automated end-to-end solution for claims handlers using this technology today.”