Node4 develops multi-tenant UC to extend collaboration to SMBs

13 August 2018

Node4 has released a shared architecture platform which it claims opens up top-tier, enterprise-grade UC tools from Cisco to organisations with as few as 30 seats.

According to the cloud and data centre specialist, while small and medium businesses represent a critical part of the economy, they are “fundamentally under-served” by existing tools. 

Node4 reckons its new and improved Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform offers SMBs enterprise grade collaboration software that provides the quality and capabilities they need.

The platform is built on a shared architecture. Node4 says this means users will benefit from both a customer dedicated platform and a multi-tenant one.

The company claims this allows much smaller organisations to affordably access top-tier collaboration tools, and makes it one of the few Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution providers that can bring the vendor’s Enterprise Class experience, delivered in the cloud, to customers with as few as 30 seats. 

Node4 says that customers of this size are usually forced to compromise on the technology choice, or to purchase on-premise or managed services, rather than a fully hosted, CMSP-certified, Cisco-powered service.

“We want to help small and medium businesses to be part of the future of work revolution, and our improved solutions will do just that,” says Richard Buxton, head of collaboration at Node4.