Government must help pave way for new business technologies

29 November 2017

The top three technologies that are set to move from the fringes to the business mainstream over the next five years are artificial intelligence, blockchain and the IoT, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

In its Disrupting the Future report, it highlights how firms and the government must pave the way for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in order to tackle the barriers that businesses are facing.

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US court upholds FatPipe Networks’ patent claim on WAN load balancing

03 November 2017

FatPipe co-founders Dr. Ragula Bhaskar (left) and Sanchaita Datta say they invented the concept of SD-WAN and hybrid WANs.

FatPipe co-founders Sanchaita Datta and Dr. Ragula Bhaskar say they invented the concept of SD-WAN and hybrid WANs.

A key claim in FatPipe Networks’ patent for load balancing has been upheld by the US authorities.

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Huawei and Riverbed offer “superior” WAN

31 October 2017

Huawei and Riverbed Technology have teamed-up to help make it easier for enterprises to manage their networks and optimise performance in the cloud.

The joint solution will combine Riverbed’s SteelHead with Huawei’s CloudEPN platform.

The partners say this will enable them to bring new services to market more quickly and address some of the “most critical” needs their customers are facing as they move to the cloud and embark on digital transformation.

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Teneo uses Riverbed’s help for Visibility-as-a-Service

06 October 2017

Teneo and Riverbed have developed Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) which they claim sets new standards for application, network and end user performance insights and problem-solving. 

The new round the clock service is available as a worldwide offering, delivering a single view of business-critical application health.

Teneo reckons it speeds up regional or local troubleshooting needs, and overcomes ‘siloed’ or supplier performance reporting limitations, to any organisation’s individual requirements

Utilising key components of Riverbed’s SteelCentral portfolio, the new platform complements Teneo’s existing global networking services that include what’s said to be a unique application-defined SD-WAN capability supported by Riverbed SteelConnect.

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