AI and cloud among most desired tech for UK workers

07 February 2019

An organisation which actively invests in new and worthwhile technology will significantly contribute towards making their human resource feel better valued.

That’s according to training and qualification provider Knowledge Academy which has been analysing independent research studies in an effort to understand the influence workplace technology is having on employee performance and satisfaction.

After studying the findings from research carried out by B2B digital services provider Econocom, Knowledge Academy found that 43 per cent of staff felt more valued by their employers introducing more useful tech into the workplace. Thirty eight per cent said that this increases the motivation to work harder.

The biggest performance-related gains employees think they will achieve from having the latest work-related technology is improved productivity (55 per cent), greater flexibility (54 per cent) and more mobility (32 per cent).

Knowledge Academy also analysed a study from business software and services firm Advanced. It surveyed more than 1,000 UK employees in professional occupations to discover the technology they would most like to see in their daily working life.

This revealed that the two technology resources that are most desired by workers are cloud services (35 per cent) and AI (also 35 per cent). Thirty one per cent are also keen to utilise predictive analytics techniques such as data mining and machine learning to analyse historical information/data and predict what might happen in the future.

In contrast, Knowledge Academy found that AR ranked as the least appealing technology, with only 17 per cent of employees wanting to harness it in their job each day.

While 18 per cent are happy for ‘robots’ (i.e. configured software) to automate the tasks and responsibilities they believe are mundane, the Advanced report also said that 65 per cent of workers are willing to work alongside robotic technology if it leads to the reduction of manual processes. Additionally, 34% of British employees would consider a robot with the right business intelligence, to be better at decision making than their respective boss/bosses or senior management.