QA to deliver Leadership Academy

17 October 2018

Socitm, the professional association for digital leaders in local public services, has chosen QA to run its Leadership Academy.

Since being set up in 2015 the academy is said to have seen more than 200 public sector professionals complete its programmes. Given its success, and by incorporating programme places into its corporate membership, Socitm is now aiming to put more than 200 people a year through the academy.

Three programmes are available to help organisations tackle skills shortages, improve succession planning and retain top talent. They include: Empowering Women in a Digital World (EWDW) which is aimed at aspiring female leaders predominantly from the public sector; Senior Leaders, a new one-day workshop aimed at driving the cultural change needed to enable the best business-focused outcomes; and Top Talent, which offers public sector delegates leadership training and coaching.

QA says it will also continue to deliver monthly webinars for Socitm members. The webinars will focus on leadership areas to help participants develop the skills and behaviours necessary to fulfil their leadership potential. In addition, the company will provide on-site training for the organisation’s top-tier Executive members who will be able to choose from a comprehensive suite of courses according to their specific needs.

Former Socitm president Nadira Hussain has been appointed as the association’s new director of leadership development and research which will include leading the academy’s work. Hussain stepped down in March from Socitm’s board after seven years as a non-executive member. During her tenure as president in 2015-16, she set up the Women in IT initiative and was the creator of the EWDW programme

Registrations for all courses open on 1 November 2018.