CIF creates digital skills special interest group

15 May 2018

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has set up a special interest group (SIG) that aims to bring the human element of cloud computing and digital transformation to the forefront of any cloud adoption programme.

Hosted by CIF, the SIG will be chaired by Simon Ratcliffe, principal consultant with hybrid cloud and managed services specialist Ensono. He says: “Too many cloud adoption programmes fail because the human element is not considered.

The changing roles within IT departments or the simple re-training for new skills that are required needs thought and proper engagement of the people management elements of an organisation.” 

The Digital Skills SIG will work with forum members including HR specialists, training organisations and people management specialists to promote a strong message around the human factors of cloud adoption. It will also act to engage specialist providers with end user organisations to assist where necessary.

The CIF says its research has repeatedly shown that customers struggle to keep pace with the vendor skills expectations for successful cloud adoption programs.

The forum’s CEO, Alex Hilton, adds: “Fifty-five per cent of UK businesses state a lack of IT skills negatively impacts their digital transformation projects, whilst 30 per cent of SMEs are directly constrained by lack of IT skills.”