Cloud specialists to launch new analytics academy

03 January 2018

AWS, Looker, Snowflake, Talend and WhereScape have teamed up to launch the Cloud Analytics Academy, a training programme for those who want to advance their skills in data analytics.

The academy provides online training courses for technical experts, enterprise leaders, analysts and business intelligence professionals from all levels or backgrounds.

There are three courses currently available: the Executive Fast Track where candidates learn the key technologies and techniques to foster an effective cloud analytics team; the Cloud Foundation Track which teaches participants how to become proficient with the fundamental building blocks of cloud analytics; and the Modern Data Analytics Track which provides advanced technical concepts.

Each track includes four to five 20-minute courses and takes around one to two hours to complete. Students simply watch each course and then take the corresponding quiz. Those who successfully complete a track will receive a Cloud Analytics Academy certificate, while anyone who completes all three will achieve Academy Master accreditation.

New courses and certifications are expected to be added in the coming months.

As well as featuring experts from the founding companies, the curriculum also includes specialists from Duo Security, Age of Learning, Sharethrough and YellowHammer. Acclaimed author and professor Tom Davenport will present the opening keynote on the growth and current landscape of cloud analytics.

Kent Graziano, Snowflake’s chief technical “evangelist” and Cloud Analytics Academy curriculum designer, says: “The [academy] is the perfect environment for high achievers to sharpen their skills, expand their knowledge and become go-to experts in building data solutions for the cloud.”