Best IT firms to work for in the UK

27 November 2017

The top 16 firms to work for in the IT sector, according to the UK’s Best Workplaces ranking. Full list at

The top 16 firms to work for in the IT sector, according to the UK’s Best Workplaces ranking. Full list at

Salesforce, UKFast and Foundation SP are among the best IT companies to work for in the UK, according to Great Place to Work.

While the research consultancy won’t reveal how many organisations it contacted for its latest survey, it says that it polled companies across 24 industry sectors and ranked them as small, medium and large based on their staff numbers.

Great Place to Work says some 15,000 employees in the IT sector who responded reported one of the highest levels (86 per cent) of trust across industries. It says another strength of the sector is a positive perception of well-being in the workplace. Eighty-four per cent agreed that employees are encouraged to balance their work and personal lives, a figure that is 13 points higher than those organisations that did not make the list.

The research also found that 84 per cent in the ranked IT firms offer working from home/telecommuting, compared to just 22 per cent in the average organisation. It also revealed that 74 per cent of the IT companies included in the rankings showed a profit in the latest financial year, compared to 50 per cent across all sectors that didn’t make the grade. Furthermore, the consultancy says employees in the largest occupational group receive 62 hours a year in formal training – the average across all UK organisations is 20.4 hours.

Great Place to Work adds that what all the successful IT firms have in common is an “engaged workforce that is motivated and committed to delivering their organisation’s goals”. It says these companies have strong workplace cultures where innovation and collaboration are encouraged and rewarded.

“Our research shows that IT organisations are outperforming other sectors in the levels of trust and engagement in their organisations,” states the firm. “They demonstrate good practice – even centres of excellence – in managing key HR issues such as recruitment and retention, as well as addressing the specific problem of attracting more women to the sector. As a result, IT Best Workplaces are likely to be more competitive and more successful than their peers.”