How to address organisational power continuity planning

18 July 2018


Jason Koffler, MD, Critical Power Supplies

Critical Power Supplies is an independent installer of UPS systems and generators. MD Jason Koffler says the Oxfordshire-based multi-brand supplier, has more than 25 years’ experience of successfully delivering power solutions, project management and support. 

He says Critical Power provides a range of services to various clients ranging from corporate users to individual customers. These services start with consultation, site surveys and power analysis before progressing to design specification, drawings, and in-house project delivery.

Koffler has compiled the following 10-point checklist which can be used when addressing organisational power continuity planning: 

  • Do you know all the critical power dependant applications involved in your business?
  • Are all your critical applications covered in the event of mains loss?
  • If your UPS or generator was installed some time ago, will it provide the power and runtime required by your organisation today?
  • Are your critical applications fed by a second power feed?
  • When was your UPS or generator last serviced or ‘tested’?
  • Do you have maintenance contracts in place for all your critical power infrastructure?
  • Are you monitoring all critical infrastructure solutions centrally and remotely?
  • Is your maintenance contract ‘backed up’ by the manufacturer?
  • If you are using legacy UPS solutions, have you considered upgrading them for a high efficient design – you could benefit from a 50 per cent energy saving on legacy UPS designs, and certain designs are CRC accredited.
  • Is your potential UPS, generator or standby power supplier able to carry out a detailed site survey and produce a detailed report of your load profile over a prolonged sampling period?

According to Koffler, manufacturers warranties are no substitute for maintenance contractors. He says Critical Power Supplies offers a free power continuity survey and maintenance contract upgrade, and that the company can help users right size their energy bills and in-life management costs.