'Cloud is now default for databases'

01 July 2019

Cloud is the new default, says Gartner

Cloud is the new default, says Gartner

Database management system (DBMS) growth is happening more on the cloud services side than on the traditional "on-premises" side, a new report has revealed.

The Future of the DBMS Is Cloud by research and analyst firm Gartner found that overall, the DBMS market grew 18.4% from 2017 to 2018 to reach US$46.1bn. However, 68% of that growth came on the cloud services side.

Gartner said the "trend" indicates that DBMS systems installed on servers within organisations will become a "legacy" approach, or a thing of the past. Furthermore, it said large organisations may still use on-premises DBMS solutions -but if they do so, then they will likely combine it with cloud-based DBMS services in a so-called "hybrid" approach. However, overall Gartner said that organisations will be shifting to using cloud services for their DBMS workloads.

The report was written by analysts Donald Feinberg, Merv Adrian and Adam Ronthal.