Telent’s new solution to save police millions each year

16 April 2019

Technology and network services giant Telent has launched a new digital evidence management product designed to save police services millions of pounds a year.

It provides 100 per cent UK sovereignty of the storage of digital evidence with all data encrypted - all held securely on Telent’s public services network (PSN) accredited and UK-based cloud platform.

The Warwick-based firm developed the product with specialist policing software application provider, Innaxys.

Telent said the product will "significantly reduce" the time officers spend physically collecting CCTV images and will enable faster analysis and processing of evidence, when it comes to digital evidence such as CCTV footage, photos and videos recorded by the public, as well as body camera and dashcam clips.

Furthermore, police services will also be able to securely share evidence with the criminal justice system to ensure evidence cannot be misplaced, lost or damaged, reducing court case adjournments and delays. Barry Zielinski, general manager for public safety and defence at Telent, said the solution was developed in consultation with UK police forces specifically to address the challenges faced by officers collecting data in the modern policing age, where there has been a huge increase in public and business CCTV use.

"This is combined with a proliferation of smartphones, dash cams, social media and body worn cameras, creating both opportunities and challenges for policing,” Zielinski said. "This solution helps officers efficiently collect, manage, store and share these new digital evidence sources. "It will save officer time collecting images, reduce court case adjournments and ensure the security of digital evidence by eliminating the risk of it being destroyed, tampered with, lost or even left in public places."

Telent’s list of high-profile clients includes Airbus, BT and Stagecoach.