DigiCert introduces new cloud management platform

05 March 2019

DigiCert, the TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions provider, is rolling out a new certificate management platform for cloud and hosted environments.

CertCentral Enterprise will provide enterprise customers with better control over certificate security and compliance, DigiCert said. Firms will also have access to 24/7 visibility, remediation and expertise and guidance to protect their businesses, customers and reputations.

The platform allows customers to customise and automate all stages of lifecycle management for transport layer security/secure sockets layer (TLS/SSL) and other digital certificate types from a user interface.

Jeremy Rowley, chief of product at USbased DigiCert told Networking+ that the CertCentral Enterprise platform will serve customers in the UK with a robust technology and feature set with automation that will help them discover and manage all certificates to avoid expiration and costly shutdowns.

“DigiCert plans to continually update the platform with new features each quarter, including eventual integration of European focused services and products, such as those offered by QuoVadis,” he said. “Along with certificate management, users may enjoy priority support and certificate validation with a team in their own region to serve them.”

DigiCert also said CertCentral Enterprise better manages digital certificates in a way that improves operations of secure communications, such as lagging, latency and compliance.