IIC and OpenFog join forces

22 February 2019

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and OpenFog Consortium have agreed in principle to combine.

The combined memberships will continue to drive the momentum of the industrial internet including the development and promotion of industry guidance and best practices for fog and edge computing. The organisations expect the details to be finalised in early 2019.

The move will bring OpenFog members into the IIC organisation at a time when their complementary areas of technology are emerging in the mainstream.

“This agreement will help accelerate the adoption of the IIoT, fog and edge computing,” says IIC president Bill Hoffman. “The Industrial Internet Consortium, now incorporating OpenFog, will be the single largest organisation focused on IIoT, AI, fog and edge computing in the world. Between both of our organisations we have a remarkable global presence with members in more than 30 countries.”

OpenFog chairman and president Matt Vasey, who is also director of AI and IoT business development at Microsoft, says: “It has increasingly become apparent that we share so much synergy with the efforts of the IIC that it just made sense to bring the two consortia together.