Gateshead NHS Trust streamlines patient care with Yellowfin BI

05 February 2019

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has deployed Yellowfin’s business intelligence and analytics technology to help cut data processing delays and meet clinical targets.

As an NHS trust, Gateshead must work towards nationally mandated performance and KPI metrics. David Thompson, Information and Development Manager, says: “Our team would spend a significant amount of time preparing this information and supporting root-cause analysis when needed.

It was considered that the trust’s existing tools, such as Cognos and QlikView, were not being used to their full potential. As a result, the organisation decided to move to Yellowfin BI. Beyond the data and analytics team, the vendor’s business intelligence software is accessed by more than 100 staff members, and its content is consumed by hundreds of people beyond just those with a licence.

Thompson says Yellowfin has removed a “huge” amount of administrative work for the analytics team. He estimates that it has saved the team around six to eight days of data processing per month, and improved the visibility across the business into KPIs and performance metrics.

The adoption of Yellowfin has also helped the chief clinical information officer to track and manage clinical metrics such as ‘Patient Flow’. The firm this ensures patients are being seen as quickly as possible, and that ancillary services like nutrition or physiotherapy are being delivered effectively so that patients can be discharged as quickly and as safely as possible.