CITIC Telecom CPC claims SD-WAN “breakthrough”

28 August 2018

CITIC Telecom CPC claims to have launched a “unique” SD-WAN platform to boost European business networks. 

Hong Kong-based CITIC CPC provides ICT and managed services to markets in Asia, Europe and America. 

Its network is said to include more than 140 PoPs, more than 45 cloud service and data centres, as well as two security operations centres. 

The company established a European subsidiary after acquiring Dutch firm Linx Telecommunications earlier last year. 

CITIC CPC reckons its new TrueCONNECT technology offers more flexible, open and cloud-based WAN technologies. 

It says the platform virtualises the topology of enterprise network infrastructure, integrating multiple access technologies (including private WANs, mobile networks, and internet links) into a single active-active hybrid WAN. 

The firm says this can be easily orchestrated, while maintaining “excellent” QoS and network resilience.

Compared to traditionally routed enterprise WAN architecture, CITIC CPC says its system offers “breakthrough” flexibility, security, efficiency and management ease.

TrueCONNECT uses a ‘single box’ with each customer site only requiring one network device that is fully managed by CITIC CPC’s 24x7 teams. 

The company says users can easily monitor their WANs via a management portal, while its team handles daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and other administrative concerns.

It adds that TrueCONNECT can also be combined with the TrueCONNECT Accelerator managed WAN optimisation services to further increase WAN throughput effectively and economically, with “even greater” bandwidth utilisation and application performance. 

According to CITIC CPC, its hybrid platform enables users to accommodate the increasing number of companies that are leveraging a variety of cloud services from different vendors. 

It reckons this is a situation that traditional WANs are not designed to handle. 

The company continues by saying its solution enables more efficient and WANs that can be “easily” reconfigured in order to optimise performance and reliability, especially when locations or vendors of cloud services change. 

“By taking advantage of tightly-coupled integration between its solutions and its global connectivity, CITIC Telecom CPC can offer optimal performance and complete flexibility across its entire flagship portfolio,” states a company spokesperson. 

“This is particularly important because the solutions are primarily cloud-based, and therefore application reliability, performance, responsiveness, and security are all dependent on network quality.”

CITIC Telecom CPC adds that it has more than 140 in 130 countries, including countries along the ‘Digital Silk Road’ framework of the Chinese Government's massive 'Belt and Road' (also known as ‘One Belt One Road’) global infrastructure project.