SaaS specialist Redstor introduces “unique” Archiving-as-a-Service

02 April 2018

Redstor has come up with what it describes as a unique archiving service as part of its data management platform. 

The SaaS specialist claims the new service gives organisations dealing with multiple terabytes of data the ability to free-up space on their costly primary storage by offloading rarely accessed data to the cloud. It reckons this offers “significant” savings, particularly to organisations dealing with 10TB or more of data.

The firm says the service “uniquely” allows access to data archived in the cloud as if it was still stored locally on primary storage. For the user, it’s claimed that the performance and overall experience remain the same. Unlike traditional archiving technologies, Redstor says its service uniquely ensures archived data is instantly available for any purpose, including compliance and regulatory requests.

The company adds that the platform uses its InstantData technology to give high-speed access to archived data so users can work on what they need straight away. It says there’s no need to wait for the whole file to be retrieved as the bits of each file are prioritised as they are needed.

Redstor also says the service is automated and policy-driven, therefore minimising management time and effort, and enabling IT staff to focus on more strategic business initiatives.