Paessler introduces Uptime Alliance

14 June 2018

Paessler's Christian Twardawa says customers will benefit from "unprecedented peace of mind".

CEO Christian Twardawa says Paessler is offering customers "unprecedented peace of mind".

Paessler has unveiled the Uptime Alliance, a new technology programme designed to help the company’s partners include network monitoring functionality in their offerings. 

The Uptime Alliance builds on the capabilities of Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor.

Christian Twardawa, the company’s CEO, says: “We’re joining forces with our partners to ensure 100 per cent uptime. By offering our partners seamless integration with PRTG and creating purpose-built sensors for their solutions, we provide our shared customers with unprecedented peace of mind.”

With more than 200 pre-configured sensors, it’s claimed PRTG monitors everything from overall network infrastructure health to more granular details. 

The firm adds that custom sensors are also easily created and integrated, and that as a member of partner programmes run by Cisco, HPE, NetApp and VMware, it already offers sensors designed specifically for turnkey performance with some of the best-known IT brands. 

Uptime Alliance charter members include: AppSphere; Check Point: Kentix; MachineShop; NetBrain; Plixer; Savision; SonicWall and WatchGuard.

Beyond generating additional benefits for customers and end users, Paessler’s says the alliance also creates new business opportunities and synergies to provide partners and organisations across industries with new solutions and improved services.