UK’s top data centre sites revealed

07 March 2018

London remains the UK’s most popular data centre location, according to property consultant, Bidwells. 

The capital currently has 71 data centres which is the highest number in the country. As well as its proximity to digital businesses and “excellent” transport links, Bidwells says London also has some of the best universities and colleges, giving data centres easy access to highly skilled graduates.

The city forms part of the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ which also includes Oxford and Cambridge. 

Other UK data centre hotspots named by the firm include Manchester. It says the city has become a technology hub and is becoming a viable option for data centre operators to set up their businesses, boosted by the government’s Tech North startup initiative. Bidwells says the location also means access to talent from some of the best universities and IT colleges, while the city’s internet speeds are also comparable to the best in the country.

Berkshire is also noted for its thriving technology community, and proximity to London and business estates such as Thames Valley Park and Arlington Business Park. Furthermore, Bidwells says major tech companies have been setup in the Slough and Reading areas.

Other hotspots mentioned by the firm include Birmingham, Newcastle and North Wales. It goes on to point out that London also heads Cloudscene’s top 10 directory of data centre locations around the world which also includes: Amsterdam; Frankfurt; Washington DC; Paris; San Francisco Bay Area; Los Angeles; Sydney; Dallas; and Chicago.

“While the United States is by far the largest data centre market, the fact that London leads the way and has a well-represented European population is encouraging, paving the way for Manchester and Berkshire to follow in its footsteps,” says Bidwells.

But the firm also warns that while the UK remains one of the largest data centre markets, Brexit could “strongly influence” the decisions of investors to look outside the country towards places such as Dublin, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

UK's data centre hotspots