Jisc protects Janet against DDoS attacks with Arbor

28 November 2017

Janet, the UK’s national research and education network, will be protected against DDoS attacks with help of Arbor.

Originally the ‘Joint Academic Network’, Janet now comprises more than 5,000km of fibre and has more than 18 million users that include universities, colleges and research centres. Its backbone runs at 100Gbps with an interconnect capacity of around 40Gbps.

The network is operated by Jisc which offers its member organisations a number of security services, including the network Computer Security Incident Response Team.

The CSIRT’s cyber security and networking experts work closely with Arbor on DDoS defence and incident response best practice, and with Jisc’s 700+ members to help detect, report and investigate incidents that pose a data security threat.

Jisc and Arbor collaborated on all stages of the design, development and delivery of the new security capability, and with Khipu Networks as the systems integrator. Arbor says Jisc’s Security Operations Centre can now leverage the global threat intelligence of its ATLAS infrastructure to stay ahead of DDoS attacks and advanced threats.

ATLAS is a collaborative project between Arbor and more than 300 of its customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data totalling 140Tbps which, according to the firm, is around one-third of all internet traffic.

The company adds that the ATLAS Intelligence Feed includes geolocation data and automates the identification of attacks against infrastructure and services from known botnets and malware, while ensuring that updates for new threats are automatically delivered without software upgrades.