Huawei and Riverbed offer “superior” WAN

31 October 2017

Huawei and Riverbed Technology have teamed-up to help make it easier for enterprises to manage their networks and optimise performance in the cloud.

The joint solution will combine Riverbed’s SteelHead with Huawei’s CloudEPN platform. The partners say this will enable them to bring new services to market more quickly and address some of the “most critical” needs their customers are facing as they move to the cloud and embark on digital transformation.

Riverbed says SteelHead speeds the performance of cloud applications by overcoming the combined challenges of bandwidth limitations and latency on the WAN.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s recently introduced CloudEPN, which includes SD-WAN and cloud-based VPN solutions, has been designed to provide on-demand interconnection between branches, data centres and cloud. The vendor says it delivers application-level network-wide intelligent path selection, smart acceleration and cloud-based visualised operations and maintenance, and open universal computing gateways.

CloudEPN features the company’s AR1600 and AR650 series open universal computing gateways. Huawei says these support the on-demand deployment of its value-added services as well as those from third-parties, and enable flexible orchestration and automated delivery so that they can be provisioned in minutes. 

It’s claimed the joint Huawei-Riverbed solution will result in a “superior” WAN experience for enterprises as they continue to move applications and infrastructure into the cloud, giving them greater agility, flexibility and the ability to innovate more quickly.

Li Xianyin, GM of Huawei Enterprise Gateway Domain, adds: “Together, we can offer what the customers are looking for – simplified network management and accelerated delivery of applications.”