Orange and Microsoft join forces for fourth industrial revolution

31 October 2017

Microsoft and Orange Business Services (OBS) are partnering to deliver large-scale, end-to-end IoT solutions that boost the digital processes of companies in the manufacturing sector. 

Through their collaboration, it’s claimed enterprise users will be able to take advantage of OBS’ and Microsoft’s combined expertise regarding data protection, as well as device and data management. 

By using OBS’ modular IoT Datavenue service strengthened by the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, the partners says companies can transition to ‘Industry 4.0’ and optimise the entire manufacturing value chain.

Datavenue is said to offer a comprehensive set of solutions and services to securely manage IoT projects and their integration with information systems. OBS says it is backed by more than 700 experts working on data and IoT projects, and features 14 million connected devices that are managed by Orange and the capacity to handle more than 160 million items of technical data per minute.

The company adds that the software environment provided by Microsoft will allow for the use of advanced solutions such as the Cortana Intelligence Suite for advanced analytics and AI, Power BI for data visualisation, and the Xamarin app to ensure a “flawless” mobile user experience.

According to market watchers, digital transformation is giving rise to the fourth industrial revolution or ‘Industry 4.0’. While the first three revolutions brought mechanical innovations, mass production, and then computers and the internet, they say Industry 4.0 will lead to system-wide innovations that are being driven by the continued digitalisation of networked societies.