ITS aims to boost cyber security awareness

01 July 2017

Managed service provider IT Specialists (ITS) has developed a kit to help businesses ensure that their cyber security awareness and planning is effective.

According to the firm, 40 per cent of organisations that experienced a data breach in 2016 failed a compliance audit, and only 13 per cent felt that their data and network were safe from insider threats.

ITS’ cyber security awareness kit includes a white paper which explains why a unified approach to preventing IT security breaches is essential for ensuring that all of a business’ technology is visible and actively protected. It also offers advice on the top three ways to prepare for any security breach, information on why education is key, and highlights the real cost of personnel data theft.

“Most cyber security breaches are caused by human error, so protecting your business isn’t up to the IT team alone,” explains Paul Barber, integration manager at ITS. “Everyone in your business needs to do their part and knowledge is the first step in protecting any organisation from breaches.”

Barber reckons the kit provides businesses with everything that they should know, and also warns how businesses and individuals could still be vulnerable, despite thinking that their cyber security strategy is top notch.

It also includes an IT security checklist and glossary of terms to help raise awareness of educating employees on cyber security best practices.