Avoiding common pitfalls of evaluating and implementing DCIM solutions

19 December 2013

An effective and well-implemented Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system helps operators safely maximise the efficient use of power, cooling, and space capacities now and in the future. Availability of the physical infrastructure systems and the IT workloads that are supported by them is enhanced.

Many data centre management activities are simplified or automated allowing operators to focus on other issues and tasks. White paper 104, Classification of Data Centre Management Software Tools, describes the core functions that enable these and other benefits:

Monitoring and automation functions

  • Visibility to the status and configuration of physical infrastructure systems
  • Proactive notification of changing status and alarm conditions
  • Remote configuration of facility power, cooling, and security system settings

 Planning and implementation functions 

  • Tracking of assets and their dependencies in the data centre
  • Facilitating efficient deployment of new equipment
  • Execution of planning in order to facilitate changes in the data centre
  • Simulation of potential changes in order to analyze impact to data centre operations

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