Church Army revolutionises IT operations

18 August 2017

Church Army has modernised its entire IT infrastructure to support its remote workers throughout the UK.

Given its large number of sites and the variety of projects being worked on at any given time, the charity was finding it difficult to provide the highest level of IT support to its workers. As a result, it turned to Redpalm Technology Services to update the entire infrastructure and deliver a complete range of managed services.

The project encompassed an investment in IaaS to bring about flexibility in cost and compute resource for application hosting whilst guaranteeing user experience. Church Army benefitted from the utilisation of VM hosting in Redpalm’s redCLOUD platform, and the project also encompassed a desktop and devices refresh.

“We were tasked not only with modernising the core infrastructure, but also with creating a modern, remote support centre entirely hosted in our private cloud,” says Olly Cogan, CEO, Redpalm. “Before the implementation, engineers would have had to travel to a specific location in case of an IT failure, and software updates had to be carried out manually as opposed to systematically across the entire organisation.”

As part of the overhaul, Redpalm used several components from Baramundi Software’s Management Suite to provide the level of automation needed and meet the highest security standards. Sean Herbert, country manager for Baramundi Software UK, adds: “By being able to manage and oversee the entire business IT landscape, administrators can now effectively address IT issues as they arise, plug security gaps as they emerge, in addition to providing complete control of the IT landscape.”