GCI and Highlight partner to enhance customer service

16 May 2017

Managed service provider GCI is using real-time monitoring, measuring and reporting software to achieve deeper application visibility, and improve the health and performance of its customers’ infrastructures. 

Designed to enable GCI’s offering to go beyond traditional infrastructure monitoring and SLA reporting, it’s claimed Highlight’s “enhanced” capabilities make it possible to see issues arising and treat problems before conditions worsen. 

In addition, the company will proactively use the software’s historical data trending analysis capability with customers to create closer business partnerships, and improve handling of capacity planning and infrastructure optimisation.

GCI says all this will enable it to improve the management of more than 10,000 devices within its customers’ infrastructures, as well as troubleshoot issues far more effectively.

Mike Ayres, the firm’s CCO, says: “We had been using Solarwinds but it was not easy for customers to use, since they had to jump straight into the detail, plus it didn’t deliver the range of value that they were after. With Highlight, customers can see that both GCI and the infrastructure supporting their core business applications, are performing as desired.”

As an example, Ayres says he recently visited a client and opened the Highlight portal to display its 66 locations. “Four sites were in red and having issues. We could then click a red location to see if too many services were being used, or if there were any issues on the infrastructure and applications which GCI manage. It was immediate, with the answers at our fingertips.”